Top 3 Best Guitar Amps With Bluetooth Speaker Combos

Bluetooth speakers are not that new. Heck, battery operated, portable versions are everywhere. What IS new is a guitar amp with Bluetooth capabilities — blending a Bluetooth speaker with a guitar amplifier. Most major brands now have their own offerings.

Interestingly, some major players have also made some missteps in the Bluetooth speaker market as well.

This list however is not about those. Here are of our top 3 picks in these categories of best overall premium package, best portable package and best for the budget conscious consumer.

Best guitar amp with Bluetooth support

Here’s our picks for the best guitar amps with bluetooth connectivity. This is an AT-A-GLANCE view, continue reading for full reviews.

Line 6 AMPLIFi75w,
Premium package
Vox Adio Air GT50w2×3$299Portable speaker/guitar amp combo
Blackstar FLY3BLUE3w1×3$95Budget speaker/amp combo
Fender Mustang GT 40w,
Late entry/ runner up for all around premium

A late entry to the Bluetooth amp party: The Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Digital Transmitter Receiver for Electric Guitar.

Turn any traditional guitar amp into a bluetooth amp with Getaria.

Only $39.99! Check it out here.

BEST PICK — Premium Guitar Amp With Bluetooth Speaker

Line 6 AMPLIFi

Up first on our list is the Line 6 AMPLIFi series. I think this is the clear leader in Bluetooth speaker/guitar amplifier hybrid frontier. Here’s why…

Line 6 AMPLIFi

It’s not often easy to excel in different fields, but AMPLIFi does and makes it look easy. It delivers great tone, great features for guitarists, and serious Bluetooth speaker sound for audiophiles. It also looks unique and stylish as a home speaker — so much so that even my wife (who typically hates guitar gear and claims “it all looks like same”) is happy to have it in our family room entertainment center. That’s an award-winning feat by itself, if you ask me!

Some amplifiers being promoted as Bluetooth speakers sound like, well your smartphone played through a guitar amp. Not so with AMPLIFi. Line 6 delivers a premium quality audio experience with superior tone control. It truly is a guitar amp with Bluetooth connectivity.

In fact, it is in its control that Line 6 makes AMPLIFi’s magic really shine.

The Line 6 mobile app, called AMPLIFi Remote, makes it a breeze to record and share your creations or tweak your tone. You can call up a multitude of professionally recorded jam tracks, or any song from your personal library to jam with or listen to whenever you feel a mood strike you.

But it gets better!

AMPLIFi Remote lets you automatically match your tone settings with music you play along with. Simply pull up your song of choice, and select “Tone Matching” and AMPLIFi Remote will pull the preferred preset from thousands in its cloud. You can also dial up any legendary guitarist’s tone and automatically have their tone for a jam track, or solo work or just whatever you want.

And all of this is free!

Beyond artist tone matching, AMPLIFi Remote allows you to tweak amplifier settings as well. AMPLIFi offers a choice of over 200 virtual models of guitar amp and speaker cabinet configurations.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s available:

  •  70+ amps
  •  100+ effects
  •  20+ speaker cabinets
  •  Remotely control all settings and effects parameters
  •  Automatic tone matching
  •  Access thousands of tones online

You can also share your own tones via Twitter and Facebook or rate existing ones on the cloud.

The Line 6 AMPLIFi comes in 30w, 75w and 150w variations and looks modern and stylish in your living room, or just about any room.

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BEST PICK — Portable Bluetooth Speaker Guitar Amp Combo

Vox Adio Air GT

Up next is the Vox Adio Air GT. Adio is a 50W 2×3 Bluetooth modeling guitar combo amplifier that is not nearly as fully featured as the AMPLIFi, but it has strengths that Line 6 doesn’t have.

Vox Adio Air GT

As an amplifier, Adio Air GT provides everything you’d expect from Vox — classic cleans to AC30 and high—gain overdrive.

Adio Air GT also delivers when it comes to performance as a Bluetooth speaker. Adio provides the cabinet resonance of a guitar amp, with high fidelity and spatiality and depth you expect from stereo speakers.

Its uniquely designed cabinet provides an immersive listening experience when paired with your smartphone or tablet. Adio features a bass reflex construction that uses a flair design to provide excellent low—frequency response, with minimal unwanted noise.

Like Line 6’s AMPLIFi, the Vox Adio Air GT models a wide range of amps (though not quite as many as AMPLIFi). Adio uses its VET (Virtual Elements Technology) to model amps and effects components circuit design:

  •  11 built—in amp models (including the AC30 and a variety of high—gain and clean amps).
  •  Variety expands to 23 when using Tone Room software.
  •  8 different built—in effects:
    •  4 modulation effects, such as chorus and tremolo
    •  4 ambience—type effects, like delay and reverb
  • 19 total effects available with Tone Room

Where the Vox Adio Air GT comes out ahead of the Line 6 AMPLIFi is in its portability. The Adio is a much smaller package, weighing only 6.39 lbs, and even runs up to 8 hours on 8 AA batteries.

Recording with the Adio is also fairly robust with its inclusion of a USB port and JamVOX III software.

The Vox Adio Air GT is our best pick for portable Bluetooth speaker guitar amp combo.

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DEMO (Starts at 0:48)

BEST PICK — Budget Guitar Amp With Bluetooth Speaker Combo

Blackstar FLY3BLUE

Blackstar’s FLY3BLUE is a 3w version of the original, but with Bluetooth. That addition makes it an excellent take anywhere practice amp or MP3 speaker dock.

Blackstar FLY3BLUE

Blackstar’s FLY3BLUE features Bluetooth connectivity as well as a line in jack, so it can be used with older MP3 players and smartphones and tablets.

Like the Vox Adio, the FLY3BLUE is a portable, battery powered amp (6 AA), but not as fully featured when it comes to modeling. They only effect available is Tape Delay.

You can also connect the FLY3BLUE to the FLY 103 official extension speaker for stereo setup, but again stereo sound is something available with both the AMPLIFi and Adio without any need for another speaker.

Where Blackstar’s FLY3BLUE comes out ahead though is in price. It’s a fraction of the price of either the Line 6 AMPLIFi or Vox Adio. It also makes the FLY3BLUE our best pick for budget guitar amp with Bluetooth speaker.

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LATE ENTRY — Fender Mustang GT
Bluetooth Modeling Amp.


Not long after this post first went live, Fender released their latest version of their popular Fender Mustang series of Modeling amps, the Mustang GT.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, but also very functional. Easy to use, packed with features and a good price point. It’s an great value.

It’s comparable to the Line 6 AMPLIFi, but since it was a late entry it has its own review. Here’s a sample:

It’s as easy as connecting your smartphone to your GT and starting the Fender Tone app. Once there, you simply select the configuration and settings you want. The change is instant and the response is real — time.

It feels like playing a traditional amp.

The beauty is that you have almost the entire universe of guitar amps to choose from. It’s like the history of rock (or Jazz, or Metal, or Blues….) is your playground!

Click here to read our FULL REVIEW.

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