The Best Delay / Echo Pedals For Under $50

Here are 3 awesome delay/echo pedals for under $50. If you’re wondering how delay and echo are different than reverb, then read on. If you’re only interested in the best bang for your buck on an effects pedal, then skip to the “The Best Delay /echo pedals for under $50” section below.

Delay vs Echo vs Reverb.

The Delay effect is both easy to understand, and easy to confuse. Many people equate reverb and delay as the same thing. They are not, but they are related.

It is best understood with example.

Imagine yourself in a large, empty gymnasium. You shout “Hello” in a loud voice. The first “hello” you hear reflected back to you from the nearest wall is an echo, caused by a delay.

As the echo mixes with other echoes reflected off other walls, bleachers, the floor, etc.. it creates reverb.

Think of delay as an exact copy of the sound, stored in the pedal and played back at a later time.

The length of time between the original sound and the copy being played back (echo) is the delay. The delay may be less than a second or several seconds.

A good delay pedal will cover a good range of time periods and even multiple echoes.

Here are two of the best in the under $50 price range.

The Best Delay /echo pedals for under $50

Digital delay effects pedal

Behringer DD400 Digital Stereo Delay/Echo


With 7 different modes and a delay time of up to 1.3 seconds, the Behringer DD400 effects pedal ranges from subtle to radical stereo delay.

Behringer DD400 control features:

  • Dedicated Mode
  • Time
  • Feedback
  • Level

The DD400 has a bypass mode and blue status LED indicator for on/off and battery check.

The DD400 runs on a 9 V battery or a DC power supply.

At around $35, the Behringer DD400 gives you a great bang for your buck considering the available controls and sound shaping ability.

check out the Behringer DD400 in action:

Analog delay effects pedals

For those who prefer a more organic sound, here are two great analog delay pedals for under $50. Some people complain that these pedals can be “noisy”, but that’s part of the analog experience – even with pedals in the $150 range.

Behringer VD400 Vintage Analog Delay


The Behringer VD400 Vintage Analog Delay effects pedal delivers true analog delay ranging from vintage slap-back echo that rivals any tape delay, to space-aged echo.

The VD400 has controls for:

  • Intensity
  • Echo
  • Repeat Rate

Like its digital cousin, the DD400, the VD400 also sports a blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check.

The Behringer VD400 Vintage Analog Delay sells for about $22 and runs on a 9 V battery or a DC power supply.

The VD400 is a clone of the BOSS DM-3 (no longer made), but at a fraction of its cost.

The VD400 Vintage BBDs produce up to 300 ms of delay and advanced noise reduction circuit keeps your signal clean.

The Behringer VD400 Vintage Analog Delay effects pedal demo:

Rogue Analog Delay


The Rogue Analog Delay pedal creates echo effects from vintage country and rockabilly style slap-back to longer repeating echoes.

The Rogue Analog Delay pedal has only three control knobs:

  • Echo speed
  • Volume
  • Number of Echoes

This streamlined interface keeps things easy and un-cluttered.

The Rogue Analog Delay pedal is a true bypass pedal and includes an LED indicator showing when the pedal is on or off as well as when it’s time to change the battery.

The Rogue Analog Delay pedal is made of aluminum and built to last.

Rogue Analog Delay pedal features:

  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum case
  • True bypass switching
  • Easy-to-use Time, Repeat and Level controls
  • Runs on either a 9 volt battery or external 9 volt DC adapter

The Rogue Analog Delay pedal sells about $10-15 more than the Behringer DD400 Digital.

The Rogue Analog Delay Pedal Demo:

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