Squier Affinity Telecaster


The Squier Affinity Telecaster is hands down one of the best electric guitars for beginners. It’ solid, simple and versatile. Because it’s a Squire (by Fender) you know it has quality built in and it can be yours for a great price.

The Squier Affinity Telecaster features:

  • Alder body
  • Maple neck, with Polyurethane finish
  • 2 single coil pickups – both vintage Tele single coils
  • Master Volume control
  • Master Tone control
  • 3-Position blade pickup switch:
    • Position 1. Bridge Pickup
    • Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups
    • Position 3. Neck Pickup
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Here’s what makes the Squier Affinity Telecaster such a great choice for a beginner.

It’s affordable, dependable and simple. But it also has a rich musical heritage behind it. It’s iconic. It symbolizes many different aspects of American Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country and Blues.

The Squier Affinity Telecaster features a smooth satin neck with a “C” shape to fit the natural contour of the human palm. This improves the comfort while playing and makes it easier for beginners to stay engaged with playing.

The Squier Affinity Telecaster stays in tune and holds its intonation well. There’s no coil tapping, tremolo bar or pickup circuit switching to worry about.
Leo Fender invented the Telecaster in 1951 and it hasn’t changed too much since.

Why mess with perfection?

At less than $300 (less than $200, in fact) it is quite simply, one of the best value guitars available.

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