Ibanez PC15NT


  • Grand Concert body
  • Spruce top
  • Mahogany back & sides
  • Mahogany neck
  • 634mm/25″ scale

The Ibanez PC15NT is a worthy entry in the beginner guitar series. You can find better acoustic guitars out there, but few are as good at this price.

It features a laminate Spruce top, and laminate Sapele (like Mahogany) back and sides. It’s smaller body doesn’t take much away from it’s loudness or crispness.

It’s sound is like a Martin or Taylor but retails for only $150. You do get what you pay for though. It won’t have as full a sound as a solid top acoustic guitar. The Ibanez PC15NT is great for finger picking or soloing, but only “OK” for strumming and rhythm work.

It’s not as well balanced for each technique as some other acoustic but at $150, it’s a good guitar for beginners.


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