Fender Super Champ X2


The Super Champ X2 is a modern modeling amplifier in a traditional package that gives you the warmth of an all tube amp with the flexibility of more modern solid state amplifiers.

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What sets the Super Champ X2 apart is the way it blends the digital modeling with all tube tone. The amplifier “voicings” and effects found on Fender’s popular Mustang series of amplifiers is at the heart, but the Super Champ is all tube powered.

The X2 has a special “voicing” knob that lets you choose between 16 different amplifier types (Tweed, Blackface, British, Hot Rod, Metal and more). Also included are 15 effects with effects adjust control and a TAP tempo control for delay time/modulation rate adjustments.

Those who like even more control over their tone can get it with the Fender FUSE software. Plug the X2 into a computer via the USB port and you have full control over the voicing and effects defaults. You can go deep editing the parameters of the various effects, or switch the voicings to what suits you best.


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