Learn How to Play Blues Guitar Today! Online Blues Guitar Lessons Review.

I could tell you some crap like “the journey to success begins with a single step,” but I’m not going to insult you.

The truth is learning how to play blues guitar takes persistence and effort.

I know – I’ve tried the lazy route, and it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried free lessons on YouTube. The best lessons give you some crumbs of learning, only enough to whet your appetite and nothing more. It’s to get you to buy the full course, I get that.

The problem is that you never know if the free guitar lesson is what you need.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of talented guitarists on YouTube. The problem is that not many are great teachers.

If you want to ignite your guitar playing, you need a great teacher. If you’re looking for online blues guitar lessons then you definitely want to check out TrueFire.

If you’re looking to learn to play blues guitar, they’ve got you covered. No matter what your skill level is!

It doesn’t matter if you can only strum a few chords and play some single note lines or if you’re already using chord inversions or substitutions. The TrueFire Blues Guitar Learning Path has what you need to take your playing to where you want to be.

TrueFire Blues Guitar Lessons

The Blues Guitar Learning Path is a set of structured blues guitar courses where each course build on the one before it. But if you already know the material, you can skip ahead or skip the course altogether. Only pay for the lessons you need.

These guitar courses are a great way to fill any gaps in your learning.

They have plenty of sample lessons too, so you can get a feel for what’s covered and decide if you would learn something new or not.

Each lesson is taught by a professional musician and experienced educator, so you get the best quality lessons available online.

The Blues Guitar Learning Path is broken down into target skill levels:

  • Beginner to Late Beginner
  • Late Beginner to Intermediate
  • Intermediate to Late Intermediate
  • Late Intermediate to Advanced

Learn How to Play Blues Guitar One Piece at a Time

At each skill level and in each course you focus on the appropriate skill. Over the entire Blues Guitar Learning Path family of courses you learn the following:

  • A classic blues shuffle
  • The 12 bar blues form
  • Numerous blues licks and turnarounds
  • Rhythm and Lead fundamentals
  • Alternate (“bluesy”) chords
  • How to play up the neck and break out of the open position chords
  • Soloing and scales
  • All patterns of the minor pentatonic scale and how to use them!
  • Tools and techniques for accompanying
  • Music theory (without the tears!)

And so much more..

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Why TrueFire?

TrueFire is the perfect platform to learn how to play blues guitar. The reason is their mult-camera recording technique and interactive lesson player.

It’s hard to visualize how to play a killer blues lick when you watch a guitarist play it up to tempo. You need to have detailed video and slo-motion in many cases and that isn’t always available from other online blues guitar lessons.

This is where TrueFire comes in.

The TrueFire learning platform features:

  • multi-angle interactive video
  • looping
  • zooming
  • standard tab, standard notation, Guitar Pro files
  • text narrative and other handy learning tools and controls.

The multi-angle video is killer. You can watch your choice of wide angle, right-hand, left-hand and composite views of all lessons.

Now you can slow those killer licks down and zoom in to see for yourself!

TrueFire offers their lessons online or via a desktop or mobile app. The great thing is you buy the course and it’s yours – watch it from whichever device you want at any time!

Plus the new desktop interface tracks your progress and allows you to set any lesson or course as a favorite, for easy access in the future.

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TrueFire instructors

The instructors that teach the TrueFire Blues Guitar Learning Path courses are all professional, working musicians and great educators. The take their time in recording their lessons so you get the best quality blues guitar lessons possible in an online or desktop environment.

The TrueFire Blues Learning Path educators include:

  • Andy Aledort
  • Andy Timmons
  • Anthony Stauffer
  • Corey Congilio
  • David Hamburger
  • James Hogan
  • Jason Loughlin
  • Jeff McErlain
  • Jeff Scheetz
  • Larry Carlton
  • Mike Zito
  • Richard Von Bergen
  • Robben Ford
  • Robbie Laws
  • Robert Renman
  • Steve Trovato
  • Tom Wolfe

Yeah, many are not household names but these are the guys that often play with the household names and make them sound so good!

Wow, thanks for reading all the way to the end. You rock!

Here’s the link to the Learning Path one more time so you can check out their blues guitar courses for yourself.

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