Last Minute Gift Ideas for Guitarists (under $25).

Here are 14 last minute gift ideas for guitarists. Perfect for Father’s day (or mother’s day, for the chick rocker in your life), Christmas, birthdays or even Valentines day! What better way to say, “I love you” than with the gift of a Snark chromatic tuner?

Well, maybe not. Here’s my list of  anyway.

Last minute gift ideas for guitarists


guitar-capoA capo is typically used to raise the pitch of the  guitar without re-tuning it. When the capo in question is a quick-release capo, it allows for very rapid key changes between songs. Some capos strap onto the neck, but I prefer the quick release variety. These use spring tension to stay in place, but can be moved or removed with a single hand. Strong enough to keep intonation, yet easy to remove – the best of all worlds. Very good quick release capos sell for about $15 on Amazon.

Guitar strings.

Guitar strings are always a great gift for guitarists. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re cheap and necessary! You can get both acoustic guitar strings and electric guitar strings at Amazon for less than $10.

Great for stocking stuffers too!

Snark chromatic tuner

I got this in my stocking at Christmas last year and absolutely LOVE it!
Not only is it chromatic (you can tune from A to G in all sharps in between) but it operates on both microphone and vibration. For player who finds himself tuning in a noisy room or with children present, the vibration method is a life saver! I have three small children, and they sometimes find being quiet while I tune my guitar to be a challenge. Not a problem anymore.

The Snark chromatic tuner
clips onto the headstock of the guitar, and provides very easy to read and understand indication of the intonation. It’s battery operated and small enough to fit in your pocket. I consider this little puppy to be an essential part of my gear bag.

Guitar slides.

Rocky-Mountain-Slides-Ceramic-Salidan-Acoustic-Guitar-Slide-Bayou-BlueGuitar slides are just fun. They’re small, lightweight and add a new dimension to playing guitar. You don’t have to be Muddy Waters or Elmore James to use one. Slide guitar can add a splash of sonic color to many different genres.

Guitar slides can be as simple as a $5 glass tube, or as stylish as the Rocky Mountain Ceramic Salidan slide pictured here.

Finger picks


Finger picks, like slides, are a great and inexpensive way to add a new dimension to guitar playing. These nickel-silver finger picks from National Picks are less than $10, but they can change your style of play and lead you down new roads. They’re great for players stuck in a rut who want to try something new without breaking the bank.

Fret oil

Jim-Dunlop-6554-Dunlop-Ultimate-Lemon-OilFret oil is helpful for Rosewood and Ebony fingerboards. Maple fingerboards usually have a varnish seal, so fret oil is not necessary. But for Rosewood and Ebony, fret oil helps keep the fingerboard clean, and healthy. Some woods will crack over time unless oiled.

Guitar strap

Guitar straps  are essential for most players, and they can also serve as a fashion statement. Comfort is also an important factor, so if you know your guitar player has complained of shoulder or neck pain after playing, an upgrade may be a good idea.

Guitar picks

Guitar picks are like candy for guitar players – you can never have enough. Like so many pieces of guitar gear, picks can influence a players style. Heavy picks are great for flat picking and bluegrass, while thin picks are usually preferred for strumming. I find I tend toward medium picks most of the time, but by switching up the thickness, I find myself playing in a style I might not have played otherwise.

Guitar picks also come in many designs and styles. Some have faces printed on them, while others are textured for maximum grip. Regardless of what your player usually uses, it’s always nice to get something new and different.

Dunlop Pickholder

What’s a guitar player to do with all those picks? Dunlop has the answer! The Dunlop Pickholder attaches to your guitar and is spring loaded and durable. It’s an excellent way to keep those picks handy while playing. (It’s also a great gift idea for the guitarist in your life)

Fingerease Guitar String Lubricant


Fingerease Guitar String Lubricant is a huge help for new guitar players. It cleans the strings and fret board, and also lubricates the strings so finger pain is minimized while building up those calluses. I think finger pain is the #1 reason most people quit learning guitar, but if more people used Fingerease they might stick it out until they had the calluses to play for hours without pain.

Guitar humidifier

Planet-Waves-Acoustic-Guitar-HumidifierGuitars are wood, and wood reacts with its environment – sometimes drastically. A good guitar humidifier should be less than $10, but will help prevent warping and cracking while keeping the guitar in tune when the humidity drops. I live in the northeast, and I can’t believe how well this simple tool helps in the winter months. My guitar would routinely go out of tune, but since I started using my Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier I hardly needed to tune it through the winter.

Guitar stand


A nice guitar stand is so much better than keeping your guitar in a case. Guitars are things of beauty and should be displayed prominently and proudly. Besides, you can get a very fine and capable guitar stand for $15 -20. I recommend the  On Stage XCG4 Tubular Guitar Stand with Velveteen Padding and Security Strap (pictured here) or the String Swing Metal Home and Studio Wide Guitar Hanger if you’re looking for a wall mounted guitar stand (hanger).

Guitar Cable


Any electric guitar player will tell you it’s all about tone. Good tone requires a clean signal, and that means a good quality guitar cable. Some cables can cost over $40. But you can get some pretty good cables under $25 guitar cables under $25. I know, this is pretty much pushing the limit of gift ideas for guitarists under $25, but not by much. ;-)

Vox AmPlug

Vox-Amplug-Ac30-Headphone-Amp Ok, so this isn’t less than $25. In fact, it’s usually found in the $40 range. It’s the Vox AmPlug ! This is a headphone amp. It plugs into the guitar jack and then headphones get plugged into the AmPlug. The result? Classic Vox AC30 tone in your headphones without disturbing the neighbors (or anyone else in the room).

The Vox AmPlug comes in a variety of models, including:

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