Fender Mustang GT Review – The Best Bluetooth Guitar Amp Yet?

The power of a modeling amp lies in its versatility.

The beauty of the Fender Mustang GT Bluetooth guitar amp is its simplicity.

The Mustang GT makes it a breeze to go from Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile tone to Metallica’s Enter Sandman with a spin of a dial.

It’s as easy as connecting your smartphone to your GT and starting the Fender Tone app. Once there, you simply select the amp configuration and settings you want. The change is instant and the response is real-time.

It feels like playing a traditional amp.

The beauty is that you have almost the entire universe of guitar amps to choose from. It’s like the history of rock (or Jazz, or Metal, or Blues….) is your playground!

A Brief Historical Review of Fender Mustang and Modeling Amps.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Fender Mustang modeling amps since they first hit the market almost a decade ago.

Modeling amps have been around for the better part of the 21st century. In fact, Fender released one of their earliest forays with the CyberTwin way back in 2001.

It wasn’t until the Mustang modeling amp that Fender perfected their technology though.

The first generation of Fender Mustang modeling amps were programmable with free Fender Fuse software. Fender also provided an online community where users could share their own amp models. It was pretty groundbreaking at the time.

The idea that you could change your amplifier sound profile from a Fender Twin Reverb to a 1970’s Marshal Plexi to a Mesa Boogie with the turn of a knob was inspiring. The idea that you could download a recreation of the rig that Jimi Hendrix used on Voodoo Chile was exhilarating. Well, until you released that it didn’t make you sound anymore like Hendrix when you played. But, exhilarating nonetheless.

Fender Mustang GT  – a Modern Bluetooth Modeling Amp.

Flash forward to today. Fender has recently released the Mustang GT series. This is the pinnacle in evolution of the Fender Mustang modeling amps.

Fender has streamlined the choice of models from five to three – 4ow, 100w and 200w packages. They also added Bluetooth capability.

You no longer need to plug your Mustang amp into a computer with a USB cord. Now you can connect directly to your amp with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. You can tweak every imaginable setting and parameter straight from your phone.

I thought sculpting my tone was easy before!

Now I can select my base amplifier model and rock out. OR – I can build my signal chain in whatever order I want, then tweak the settings on every effect pedal in the chain. I can also switch the speaker cabinet (virtually, of course), set the bias and a noise gate – you name it!

Your imagination is the limit here folks.

It can be as simple or as complicated – and detailed – as you like.

The Fender Mustang GT Style and Bluetooth.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the look of the amps, saying they don’t look like amps at all. They miss that classic Fender blackface or silver face grill.

I get it.

But I think that’s being too rigid. Fender didn’t make just another guitar amplifier with the Mustang GT seriesthey made a speaker.


The contemporary design style is clearly meant to bring the Mustang into the Bluetooth speaker realm. Trust me – my wife does not want my silver face guitar amplifier anywhere it can be seen in casual settings. But the Mustang GT sits quietly in the corner un-observed, but appreciated when we host a party.

“Programming” the Fender Mustang GT.

I used quotes because it isn’t really as difficult as Programming.

Modifying the Fender Mustang amp models ( the stock models sucked) used to entail connecting your Mustang to a PC or Laptop computer. This was needed because Fender FUSE (the software that interacted with the Fender Mustang) wasn’t a mobile app.

Also, there was no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity built into the amp.
Fender solved that problem with the Mustang GT. The GT is both Wi-Fi AND Bluetooth enabled. Also, the Fender FUSE software is now replaced by the Fender Tone App.

Below is a pretty in-depth video that covers the ease and power.


Fender Mustang GT Bluetooth Modeling Amp Specs.

The Fender Mustang GT is available in 3 different versions, the only difference between each is the wattage, speaker (and price):

Each version has AUX in and Phone out, 

Each version has

  • AUX in
  • Headphone out
  • 31 Amp Models
  • 62 Effects
  • Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass and Master controls
  • Tap tempo multi-delay interface
  • Needle-style tuner mode
  • Preset storage and recall via Fender Tone cloud

Fender Mustang GT 40

The GT 40 is a 40w version featuring Two 6.5″ speakers.

It’s ideal for home use and practice or recording and currently sells for $249

Check Availability

Fender Mustang GT 100

The GT 100 is a 100w version featuring a single 12″ custom Celestion speaker. It’s ideal for studio and gigs and currently sells for $399.

Check Availability

Fender Mustang GT 200

The GT 200 is a 200w version featuring two 12″ custom Celestion speakers. It’s meant for big gigs on a big stage and sells for $599.

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