Fender Mustang 1 v2 vs Mustang GT40 – Which is the Better Buy?

Which is better - the Fender Mustang 1 vs Mustang GT40?

Looking for a new modeling amp?

You can’t go wrong with either a Fender Mustang 1 v2 or Mustang GT40. The only question then is: Which is the right amp for you?

Comparison: Mustang 1 v2 vs. Mustang GT40


The Mustang 1 v2 (so named because it was the second version of the popular Mustang series of modeling amps) shares a lot of it’s features with the Mustang GT40.

Both are digital modeling amps; all transistors, no tubes.

Some people will say that only tube amps are “real” amps, but the truth is:

  1. Most tube amps are simply too loud and unwieldy for home use
  2. Digital modeling amp technology has come a long way in the past decade.

Most non-professional (and many professional) guitar players cannot hear the difference between a true tube amplifier and a modern digital modeling amp.

Digital amps are cheaper than tube amps too.

So both the Mustang 1 v2 and the Mustang GT40 are digital modeling amps and use the same basic Fender digital modeling technology. In fact,the Mustang GT series of amps is the next in a line of evolution of digital modeling technology from Fender.

That doesn’t mean the Mustang 1 v2 is outdated though. It serves a definite purpose.

Both the Mustang 1 and the GT40 are fully configurable through the use of free Fender software. The Mustang 1 uses the Fender FUSE software that runs on a PC or MAC. Simply plug in the USB cable to connect the amp and you can tweak away and save the settings to directly to the amp.

The Mustang GT40 is even easier to tweak. You can still use the USB cable, but with the GT series you can also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and the new Fender Tone App.

Visual Differences:

Fender Mustang GT40
Fender Mustang GT40, looking sharp, modern and contemporary.

The Fender Mustang 1 has a silver grill cloth and looks like a traditional Fender amp. By contrast, the Mustang GT40 has a black grill cloth and looks more like a bluetooth stereo speaker than a amp.

The Mustang 1 is more traditional looking. The Mustang GT40 has a more contemporary look.

Fender Mustang 1 v2
The Fender Mustang 1, rocking the traditional Fender amp look.

Physical Differences:

The Mustang 1 is slightly smaller than the GT40. It has a single 8 inch speaker, where the GT40 has two 6.5 inch speakers.

The Mustang 1 is a 20w amp and the Mustang GT40 is (you guessed it!) a 40w amp.

And here we’ve come to the real decision point regarding which amp to buy – size and price.

Mustang 1 v2 vs. Mustang GT40 – Which Should You Buy?

All other aspects equal, you’d get the Mustang GT40. It’s newer, more modern and offers better connectivity. But it’s also bigger, louder and costs about $130 more than the Mustang 1.

I believe this decision comes down to two basic questions:

  1. Will you use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity?
  2. Can your budget afford the GT40?

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, then the connectivity of the Mustang GT40 and Fender Tone App aren’t going to be worth much to you.

Likewise,the GT40 costs $250, where the Mustang 1 runs $120. That can be a big chunk of change – especially if you aren’t really going to make use of the Bluetooth capabilities of the Mustang GT40.

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Also, if you don’t need a loud practice amplifier the Mustang 1 is the better choice. Trust me – the Mustang 1 is plenty loud in the bedroom, basement or even garage.

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