Comparison: Epiphone G-310 or G-400 – Which is the best, cheap Gibson SG?

Both the Epiphone G-310 and the G-400 are great, inexpensive Gibson SG style electric guitars. They’re so similar though that it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. They vary in price by about $50, and the features are about as even too. But here’s a quick review to help you make the comparison between the right Epiphone SG for you.

Epiphone G-310 or G-400

Epiphone G-310 Review

The Epiphone g-310 red and Epiphone g-310 black

The Epiphone G-310 style is based on the Classic 1967 Gibson SG, but is much less expensive.

Known for its low frets and fast action, the G-310 features the classic “twin horn” cutaway body, and is well balanced for playing. Cheaper copies of the Gibson SG style are known to be neck-heavy, but not the Epiphone G-310.

The Epiphone G-310 is a perfect stand-in for the Gibson SG, at a much more affordable price.

You can read a full review here: The Epiphone G-310, An affordable SG.

The Epiphone G-310 is available in both Black and Red, and is available for about $250 at the time of this writing.

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Epiphone G-400 Review


The Epiphone G-400 is also in the Gibson SG style, and largely similar to the G-310.

The G-400 also features a Tune-o-matic Bridge, all chrome hardware, mahogany neck and body. The biggest difference in the G-400 is the brighter Alnico V humbucker pickups that replace the stock 700T humbuckers in the G-310. Other than that, they are practically identical.

The G-400 is currently only available in Faded, Worn Brown finish and sells for about $300.

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Epiphone G-400 Demo:

Epiphone G-400.2 Review

The newer, updated version of the G-400, sometimes referred to by its model number, has replaced the earlier, cherry finish version of the Epiphone G-400.


The biggest improvement of the G-400  over its predessesor is the improved Alnico Classic Pro Pickups and Coil-Tapping. The push/pull coil-tapping let’s you split the humbucker into single coil mode for greater tonal possibilities.

The G-400 also features a LockTone bridge and Stopbar tailpiece, along with a SlimTaper “D” profile mahogany neck and a 12″ radius rosewood fingerboard

The Epiphone G-400 is available in Cherry finish and sells for $349 at the time of this writing.

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G-310 vs. G-400

All three Epiphone guitars have the same scale length (24.75) and identical mahagony neck with rosewood fretboard.

The G-310 has an alder body while the G-400 has an all Mahogany body, so the G-310 is a bit lighter than the G-400.

The G-310 has 700T humbuckers, which give it a warm, Les Paul sounding tone, while the G-400 has Alnico V pickups and give it a more aggressive, punchy sound, typically found on Fender guitars. The G-400 ups the ante on pickups with the coil-tapping push/pull design, which lets you split the humbucker into two single coils for greater control and tonal possibilities.

The Alnico Classic Pro Pickups make for cleaner, clearer tones with excellent sustain which makes the G-400  great for classic rock/hard rock and blues.

The 700T humbuckers of the G-310 make it better suited to more metal tones, but make it less versatile than the G-400.

Since all three – the G-310, the G-400, and the G-400  – are identical in body style, choosing the right one for you really comes down to your preference of finish and style of play. If you really just want an affordable SG body and plan on playing heavier sounding rock or metal, then the Epiphone G-310 is the way to go. Otherwise, the G-400 is the best bang for the buck. But if Cherry finish isn’t your thing, then there’s the more natural wood look of the original G-400.

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