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The Best Overdrive Pedals for Under $50

These are my picks for the best overdrive pedals for under $50. Note that these are overdrive pedals and not distortion pedals. If you’re looking to add some classic rock snarl or blues overdrive to your guitar tone and want to spend less than $50, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for killer metal distortion, then check out The Best Distortion Pedals for Under $50.

The Best Overdrive Pedals for Under $50

Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive Pedal


The Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive pedal creates great tube-like, screaming distortion with a smooth sustain and nice, fat tone.

The authentic vintage sound of the Behringer TO800 is made possible through the use of original 4558 op amp and the MA150 distortion diodes.

The control set for the Behringer TO800 is stripped down and simple. It also has noise free On/Off switch, status LED and battery check.

The Behringer TO800 runs on a 9 V battery or DC power supply (not included).

Behringer TO800 Controls:

  • Drive
  • Tone
  • Level

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

If you want vintage and screaming tube-like distortion, the TO800 is a great choice, especially since the Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive sells for $38 on Amazon!

Here’s a demo of the TO800 in action:

DigiTech DDM Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive


Besides having an awesome name, the DigiTech DDM Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive pedal delivers killer vintage overdrive to your tone.

The DigiTech DDM Bad Monkey has the following controls:

  • Level: boosts the output level of your guitar signal
  • Low: adjusts boost and cut of bass frequencies
  • High: adjusts boost and cut of upper harmonics
  • Gain: provides smooth tube amp distortion to your sound

That’s it!

The DigiTech DDM Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive pedal is not metal level distortion, but it gives your guitar amp a boost just when you need it. It’s a rugged and flexible overdrive pedal that will give your amp the sound of a naturally overdriven tube amp and allow your guitar’s distinct tone to be preserved.

The Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive pedal sells for $49.95 – but comes with Guitar cable, patch cord and picks! (you can also buy just the pedal, without the extras)

Watch gearmanndude demo the BadMonkey:

DigiTech Screamin Blues


Lastly, there is the DigiTech Screamin Blues Overdrive Pedal. While all players can benefit from the Screamin Blues, it’s blues players in particular who will love this pedal.

The Screamin Blues is built to respond to playing dynamics of all kinds, but is especially attuned to a more blues style of play.

Playing lightly gives you a mild overdrive, but dialing up the gain and digging in hard will make the Screamin’ Blues sing with ultra-rich harmonics and sustain.

The Screamin Blues has the basic overdrive pedal controls:

  • Level
  • Low
  • High
  • Gain

The DigiTech Screamin Blues Overdrive Pedal sells for $49.95 and like the DigiTech DDM Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive, it includes a patch cord, picks and guitar cord and is also sold alone.

Watch gearmanndude demo the Screamin Blues:

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