What Electric Guitar Should I Buy For A Beginner?

The world of guitars is full of details and options, but which ones matter most?

How Much Does A Decent Electric Guitar Cost?

One of the 1st questions most buyers have is: How much should you spend on your first electric guitar?

The Best Electric Guitars Under $300

It doesn’t make sense for someone starting to learn to get a poorly made guitar. They don’t stay in tune, and they’re difficult to learn on. BUT there are quite a few good quality electric guitars in this range.

Why Buy A Low Watt Tube Amp?

creamy breakup at low volume

Bedroom tube amplifiers are great for practicing clean tones, and maybe a little overdrive. But what happens when you want to crank up the gain and really drive your amp hard?


Many low watt tube amps are available for under $500!


Low watt tube amps are easier on the back too!

How To Buy A Cheap Beginner Guitar That Doesn’t Suck

How Much A Beginner Acoustic Guitar Should Cost

  • $300 and under is a good price point that features good quality guitars. You don’t want to go much under $150 though.

Why You Don’t Want To Learn On A Cheap Guitar

  • Learning to play on a cheap guitar is frustrating. You end up fighting to keep the instrument in tune, struggling to make a decent sound only to give up feeling defeated.

Best Amps For Fender American Tone